Jules and Jim Pie

by margarkolb

As you may have suspected, pie-making has gone a little crazy around here. And there will be more: two expat Thanksgivings are coming up, and I am in charge of pie for both.

photo 1

pie pre-glaze

This past weekend, the pie was a Jules-and-Jim production: French-inspired, with three distinct flavors in passionate dialogue.

photo 4

pie post-glaze

It was quite possibly the prettiest pie I’ve ever made. And so it was not great for the dissertation part of dessertations. I spent an entire afternoon looking at it. Poor Nick had to confirm repeatedly that it was, in fact, a lovely pie.

photo 3

ready for its close-up

I wish you had been there to eat it, and advise. Because though it was compulsively watch-able, I did not find it compulsively edible. Perhaps the pie was making some kind of moralistic statement about Jules and Jim? Or perhaps I had spent too much time watching the pie to enjoy it properly? Deep questions. And the only way to answer them is to make it more pie…….