The Dessertations

Two unfinished dissertations and the baking in between

Month: November, 2014

Jules and Jim Pie

by margarkolb

As you may have suspected, pie-making has gone a little crazy around here. And there will be more: two expat Thanksgivings are coming up, and I am in charge of pie for both.

photo 1

pie pre-glaze

This past weekend, the pie was a Jules-and-Jim production: French-inspired, with three distinct flavors in passionate dialogue.

photo 4

pie post-glaze

It was quite possibly the prettiest pie I’ve ever made. And so it was not great for the dissertation part of dessertations. I spent an entire afternoon looking at it. Poor Nick had to confirm repeatedly that it was, in fact, a lovely pie.

photo 3

ready for its close-up

I wish you had been there to eat it, and advise. Because though it was compulsively watch-able, I did not find it compulsively edible. Perhaps the pie was making some kind of moralistic statement about Jules and Jim? Or perhaps I had spent too much time watching the pie to enjoy it properly? Deep questions. And the only way to answer them is to make it more pie…….


Continuing adventures of your cakestand

by Jessica

You have been prolific lately (and if this applies to your dissertation, too, all the better!). I wish to know what an aquathon is!

We have had a series of November birthdays, and with it, upside-down pineapple cake. Your cake stand traveled to a four-way birthday celebration.


Hot from the oven! Steam courtesy of a magical gif.


Courtesy of Joanne Chang’s Flour Bakery Cookbook. I don’t make pineapple upside-down cakes frequently, but I have been told there is a more traditional version involving maraschino cherries and pineapple rings. Which I am now eager to try.


Your cakestand was a stalwart vehicle, and prompted a number of questions about your absence: we miss you!


American apples, with pears on the side

by margarkolb

And then there is this….

DSC03682 DSC03681

…a pear bread, almond-pear, leaning towards cake. Which is always a nice way to lean.

And starry-American apple pie, to celebrate a friend’s new citizenship.


These days, where there are big pies, minis are sure to follow…


Happy Halloween!

by margarkolb

Sweet potato pie, courtesy of Joy the Baker.

photo 3

Games. Friends.

photo 4 photo 5

And an aquathlon in the morning.

Dessertating was never lovelier.