Bulgarian Pie; Turkish Baklava

by margarkolb

We hosted a Bulgarian movie night this past weekend, which set me scrambling to learn something — anything — about Bulgarian desserts.

And, wow. I think perhaps the food truck of our dreams should be called “Circular Meals” rather than square. Because ….




“Why didn’t we know about this before?” Eisha asked me, dumbfounded. Apparently we should have. A small internet storm has gathered around apple-flower pies, based on one recipe posted by a Bulgarian lady and since translated (with varying success) into English.


Are they Bulgarian? My Bulgarian friend and her mother have yet to encounter them. Apple pies are very Bulgarian, but flower-pies are rare specimens everywhere, it seems. (Flower form adds, for clumsy people like me, about an hour to pie prep-time, using Alice Waters’ classic apple pie as a benchmark.)


Was it worth it? Absolutely it was.

We also made baklava. We sent you some in our imaginations. Come visit….there’s more in our freezer!