Tomato Jam (together)

by Jessica

Aww, look our first co-post.

But enough sentiment.

These heirlooms have a destiny!

These are your lovely hands by the way — for future reference.




Reduced and canned! It’s quite sweet, so it might go nicely on crostini with goat cheese — something to cut through the sugar.

Tomato Jam (from Food52’s Jennifer Perillo)

3 1/2 lbs tomatoes

1 onion, diced

1/2 c brown sugar

1 1/2 c granulated sugar

1/2 t coriander

1/4 t cumin

1 t salt

1/4 c cider vinegar

juice of one lemon

Combine all ingredients in large pot, boil and simmer for 3 hours. Transfer to sterilized cans for immediate use (2 weeks), or use typical canning procedures with 15 min hot water bath for longer shelf life.